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need direction in purchasing please!!!!!

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hey there tractor fanatics. I am in some serious need of direction!!
I am a mom who does NOT have weeks and months to search dealerships, listen to salesman try to sell me things even I know I do not need, or navigate threads that have gotten so off the question you'd need a map back. I'm hoping someone can help with some honest answers!
Here is the deal...I just bought a house with about 1.5 acres, very rocky with many trees, sand mound, and fenced in area I'd need to get through. I live in an area with some snow so a snowplow would be nice if it is easy to attach. I'd also like to attach a cart.
I saw a husqvarna YTH22V42LS
and John Deere D130-170 or a 2009 X300 with 35 hrs.
If anyone has any comments on any of these tractors or would suggest something else to check out I'd really appreciate it!
Other questions I had if anyone would like to comment briefly:
Does HP matter much with a yard like that?
Kawasaki, briggs, or kohler engine??
I am trying to stay under 2,500.
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Horsepower doesn't mean anything on tractors today, so don't worry about that. The single biggest factor when it comes to the capability is the transmission. Hydrostatic transmissions give you simple forward and reverse pedals like an automatic transmission on a car, but they also limit the things you normally consider work for a tractor. Because of that, the low-end tractors are really "riding mowers" and not a workhorse "lawn and garden tractor".

Rocks and sand are very hard on the mowing deck over time. It's not a huge thing to worry about - just something to be aware of. If you have any hills or large slopes, that's a factor in deciding how much transmission you must have to do the job.

I don't know much about the Husky, but I can talk about the Deere models a little bit. The D series (which is almost identical to the LA and L series made in previous years) is an entry-level riding mower. It will pull a cart once in a while, but it's really designed for just mowing a flat area. The X300 is the least-expensive model in the X300 series, which is a step up from the D series. The X300 is made with better parts in many areas compared to the D series, so it's designed to last longer with less maintenance. The X300 will steer a lot easier than a D series, so that's probably a plus on 1.5 acres. The drawback to the X300 is that it uses the same transmission as the D series, so it's still really made for a flat lawn. To get closer to a more capable tractor, you're looking at at least an X320.

I'd suggest talking to a dealer at a place that sells outdoor power equipment (like a Deere dealer, or other brands like Cub Cadet, Simplicity, etc.) to get more advice specific to your situation. They'll be a lot more helpful than a box store or department store. They can discuss things like the size of your yard, the terrain (rocks, sand, hills, trees), and applications (mowing, towing, snow). You can probably test drive some models as well. To get more capability for your money, I think you're probably looking at something used instead of a new one. There are many good used tractors out there, so don't be afraid of the used equipment market.
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