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My Stil is a lemon

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I bought a Stil fs 38 trimmer, followed all the directions on storage for the winter. The second spring it wouldn't start, needed a new carburator kit, third year it needed a second carburator kit,I had another problem later in the summer so a mechanic soaked the carb in gunk? i think and it ran but not smooth no high end rev and no idle, just kept stalling, so last summer I had a new carb kit put in AGAIN. The mechanic told me to put in stabilizer mixed with gas for the winter and it started first shot in June NOW IT'S DEAD AGAIN. Could I be cursed with a 2 stroke and buy a 4, I'm scared to buy another 2 stroke. These carb problems are just beyond belief!!! The reason I bought a stil was because my Ryobe was junk and "they" say Stil is one of the best.
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i had plenty of luck with echo trimmers, maybe try that if you buy another
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