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My riding lawnmower won’t start

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My Toro Time Cutter 42” won’t start.
It usually starts with a jump from my portable charger, but it won’t turn over. Also the filter was saturated in water I think from a recent rainstorm.
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Hello Max44 - Welcome to MLF!
Remove the spark plug and see if the starter will spin the engine over. Make sure that any safety switches are active that would prevent the starting system from operating. While the spark plug is out, attach the plug wire to it and ground the plug and check for a strong spark.
I agree with the above comments. I got a no-go snow blower from a neighbor when it would not turn over. The engine was filled with water from a small flood. So check what might be wet. And for safety switches, my ancient Murray mower has a couple that sometimes needs love to make sure they work and do not prevent start.
When you say "won't turn over", to some of us that means the engine won't rotate. The other case would be it turns over but won't start.

If it won't start, follow lasers advice and if you do have spark, remove the air cleaner, make sure the choke is closing and try squirting a small amount of gas into the carb.

If it doen't turn over, then try it with a fully charged battery. No go take a small wire attach it to the battery positive and the other side to the small post on the starter relay. If there are 4 posts on the relay, pick the small one with the colored wire. You should get either the starter to turn or a good click.

If the starter turns then you have a safety switch issue, blown fuse, ignition switch or bad connection some place.

If it just clicks, it's either the starter gear is locked into the flywheel, the starter is bad or the solenoid (relay) is bad.

Narrow it down for us and we can send you down the right path.
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