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my rideon wont start

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i have a supaswift ride on mower with briggs and stratton engine.
i used for a week, and then after 2 weeks, it wont start.

turn the key and just ticks.
engine doesn't try and start

not getting a spark from the spark plug, pulled it out and held against metal with no spark.

put screwdriver across the solenoid and engine starts to turn, but doesnt actually start.
any ideas?
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First, welcome to the group. Let's see if we can help you. You say you used it for a week, and then after 2 it wouldn't start. Is this a rider you bought used? How old is the battery?
i bought the item brand was old stock though, so was sitting around for a while before purchase they tell me.
not sure of exact age of battery
Does it still have a manufacture warranty? If so you don't want to dig too heavy into it and risk loosing your coverage.

My first thought would be the battery voltage too low. Best put a meter on it and see what it reads right on the batteries terminals both before and while you are cranking it.
its got 2 year warranty on the mower, and 1 year on battery.

i have to wait till next tuesday for the mower place to come pick it up, but i wanted to check all i could before they get it incase its something silly.

i have the battery charging since yesterday so i will put it in this afternoon and check with multimeter.
Check all of the safeties for a good connection. I'm thinking maybe the blade switch or the brake and or neutral switches. Not hard to check, just engage and dis-engage a couple times, wiggle your transmission lever a couple times. Sounds like something simple, a corroded contact, etc.
i got it sorted!!
the battery had a leak..
ended up jump starting off my car, and picking up new battery this afternoon

Good to hear your up and running braddo! :cool:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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