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My LT10 restore project Pic's update

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I've finished the 2 tone paint job on one rear fender. I am using red pin strip tape between the 2 colors, gonna cheat a little here. The front grill has it's base coat color and is heading into second stage paint. I'm not sure how this is gonna turn out but I'm crossing my fingers. I am trying to do most of the graphics in paint, not stickers. It has been awhile since I have done this and I have had it go wrong before which sucks. I only work on this when I have time and between fishing, chasing women, house work, yard work and my job, (anyone notice the order of that :) )I hope to have it done before it's time to haul wood to the house for the winter. My house is called the Double D ranch and that is my brand on the side of the front grill.


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You are doing a great job, Dan. Love the pin striping and lettering. Keep the photos coming!
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