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My Intro Cavcom278

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Hello to all and heres some info on me.
I live in Bristol tn near the Fastest half mile in the world. Ride choppers and fish when the grand kids aren't around.I'm a ASE certified mechanic and fix most things myself so this should be a easy fixer-upper. Have pulled two tours in Iraq (04-05) and 2 yrs on the Russian border(84-86 Fulda Gap) and have served for 29 yrs in the Army and National Guard. Just got a older model snapper RER but cant find a tag on it with the model number. Heres the motor # model 253707 type 0159-01 code 84120610. Its a 11 hp Briggs and looks to be the original motor.I'm needing a manual on this thing so i can order a few parts. Any help on this would be appreciated.:help:
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:welcome: to MLF!

First off, wow, thank you for your service!! That is really something to be proud of and is quite the length of time to serve.

Anyway, I could not seem to pull up a downloadable online manual for your machine. I would contact your local Snapper dealer and see if they could order one in for you.

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Welcome to the forum CAVCOM278! :howdy:
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