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My free Snapper-something's missing....

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A while back I picked up an old Snapper from a guy who was throwing it out. I just got around to looking at it today and seeing if it will start. As you can see from the pictures, it's pretty old (pre-compliance) and pretty rough.

He said the engine was replaced which is pretty obvious. Looks like the date code on the Briggs is 1985. It's got an aluminum deck but everything else seems to have rusted.

The first thing I checked was the fuel tank--it was clean and dry! The oil was at the proper level and looked new. The air filter was fairly clean, and the blade while rusty looked OK. So I put a little gas in the tank and sprinkled a little into the carb. Started pulling the rope and on about the 3rd pull it fired and then CLANG!! The blade had fallen off! I uploaded a picture of the cone washer that disintegrated. After going through my junk box, I found a couple of flat washers and used them to re-mount the blade. Would you believe it started on the very next pull? It seemed to run pretty good with a little smoke, and the throttle worked well, but I didn't let it run for long.

It came with the bag and what looks like a discharge deflector. I'm not sure I have the bag on properly, it seems like a bracket or something is missing. Anyone know for sure? Also, do I need that special washer to hold the blade, or will the flat washers work?

Anyway, the thing looks a lot uglier in person. This horse was ridden hard and left out wet. In fact when I first saw it I felt like telling the guy "never mind", but I had driven 35 miles and didn't want to insult him. Plus, it was free.

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THe bag isn't on there right. The back of the bag opens to dump the grass and where the back peice meets the bag there should be two small hooks and a handle. those hooks hang on the bar and the bag should be suspended between the discharge and the bar. If I can find a little spare time today, I'll head over to my father n laws and take some pics of the one I'm getting ready to restore. That's a nice old unit there man. You don't ever see the old aluminum deck Snappers around here.
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