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My 1969 Massey Ferguson MF7 Hydra Speed with 710 Mower Deck

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This is my Massey Ferguson 1969 MF7 Hydra Speed with a 710 mower deck that was given to me in a bundle of Massey Ferguson equipment in July 2012. Coincidentally it was the day before my birthday, what a gift!

The gentleman (Matthew), needed to get rid of them because he couldn't do anything with them due to deed restrictions/neighborhood rules. He didn't want someone to scrap them out. He justed wanted them to go to someone who would do something with them. Its nice to know that there are still some good people out there that are not money driven. I believe I may not of been so generous. Good lesson for me I guess!

Well here it is,

She runs but is awaiting some TLC. :)
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