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Murry /Briggs ???

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HI All!!! im a newbie here looks like a great site
Here is my problum i have a murry select 42 inch cut from 2003 with a briggs 17.5 moter #31c707 (017es) single clyinder ohv
the battery is not charging what altenater do i have?? it has 1 black and 1 red wire coming from under the fly wheel with the diode in the red wire my books from online say its a 3 amp the the parts guy says it has to be either a10-16 or a 5-9?? any ideas i have in the past ran this by jumping with no battery now as soon as i pull off the jumper it dies its not producing enough juice to keep the fuel solinoid open does this mower need a battery to run i cant figure this one out im thinking i need a new altenater :eek:
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Welcome to MLMF, MachineMaster!

Yes, typically any mower with a starter needs a battery.

Regardless of what amperage you have on your current mower, you will need to pull the flywheel. Once you do that, you should see the stator and leads to the regulator (or electronic regulator box). Then, it's only a matter of taking the parts to your local small engine parts supplier and have them match up using the numbers. After the correct parts are acquired, it's a simple put together job but, you will need to hook up the battery terminals to a new/replacement battery.

We have many members here that may be able to explain or go into further details should you need them.

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