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hi wondering what year model#80-4169 manufacter date0070
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hi wondering what year model#80-4169 manufacter date0070
Do you have any pics you can post. That's an old school Murray GT model with a heavy duty Peerless 2300 series rear end.
Looks to be in decent shape. The battery cover is there which is usually missing. Nice having the sleeve hitch too. Did you just get this?
You can go to the link below, scroll down to 80-4169 and download an IPL for it.

"K&T Parts House Lawn Mower Parts and Chain Saw & Trimmer Parts"
about 2years thanks for the information
thanks for the information
No problem, I'm glad I stopped by. My normal haunt is this forums "sister site" as well as my own Murray dedicated board. I am always on the look out for older [pre 1989] Murray gt's here in the North East they are not common, and when they do come up for sale they are waaay overpriced.

i paid 350.00 for it had to get a new built for 24.00
That would be a pretty good price here in New York with a deck and that hitch.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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