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Bought an old Murray ride on off the net! for $200 (US$160.00) I thought what a bargain. The frame is rusting and bubbling under the paintwork! The spec as follows

Murray 6/25 Rear Engine Single Blade 24" maybe 25"??
3 fwd gears, 1 reverse
8.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Pull start Engine
Mfg # 8-25709X20
Mfg Date 1538
Made in Murray Ohio

I need to replace the broken cutter belt but I believe the failed belt is an aftermarket and not the correct size! Need to work on front wheels too
With the checkered history of Murray it's hard to get assistance with older models! I've been told the Mfg date will tell you it's year it was made and what no off the assy line for the machine!
I would like to rebuild this and fit a catcher to it! I tried cutting and pasting a pic but not sure if it worked!
I weigh 276lb and this thing barely moves so I have my girl mow the lawn for me with me watching.
Would like some help with the correct manual then I can order genuine parts and do a nice rebuild!
I like US made machines and you can see some practical thought has gone into this design
My girl n wife have both crashed it. One into the house and the other into the fence.


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Welcome to the forum!

So far despite being in it's home state I'm afraid I'm not having much luck finding any information. :dunno:

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Should be on a tag under the seat or somewhere on the body. It will have a model# and serial# and possibly other info on it.
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