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Mulch Supply

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Spent the day hauling in next year's mulch supply. I had been getting Cottonwood chipper shavings from an area Amish pallet plant about 15 miles from home. Their plant burned last Spring & when they re-built, they don't pile the shavings outside anymore. So this morning I went looking for another source. The first Amish sawmill I stopped at wasn't sawing Cottonwood, but told me the next mill (1/4 mile away) was, so I checked there. For $5/load they would load it for me, so I came home & got my 16' trailer & headed back. Brought home the first load about 10:30, unloaded it & went after the second load afternoon, I'll unload it in a few days (not getting any younger). This mill is 13 miles from home & I don't have to go through town to get to it!

I've used Cottonwood for nearly 30 years to mulch both the vegetable gardens and trees & shrubs, hold down weeds & helps control moisture. I add a little extra Nitrogen in the Spring & keep an eye on the Ph levels. ~~ grnspot


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Nice work! It sounds like you not only benefited your garden, but helped out some others as well. :cool:

$5 loaded..I'd do that anytime.
No kidding!
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