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Mulch all season??

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I'm able to equip my mower deck w/ a mulching kit and my neighbor swears by his gator blades. I've used mulching system historically only in the fall for leaves, but considering using all season long.

Questions are this...

1) Do you use gator blades or similar and would you recommend?

2) Are there benefits to mulching outside of just reducing the labor involved with bagging and/or raking?
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I'm sold on mulching! Thanks everyone for your valued opinions. I plan on mulching this upcoming season and will take all the pointers/advice for action.

Their is a specific mulching kit for this mower and will try the available blades prior to splurging on gator blades.
Thanks Mark. Priced out the Tri-cycler kit and it's definately not cheap! ($110+) I was checking out the new Gator G6 blades by Oregon. (Link below)

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My neighbor swears by these and uses side discharge for grass and then affixes a deck plate in the fall for leaves. Possibly an option. Any experience or thoughts on this option? Figure you've had your LT150 to the test and know it's capabilities better than me.
Thanks mark

Ended up ordering the Gator blades. I'll let you know the results this fall when I put them to the test against my leaves. I've got three massive oak trees that drop quite a bit of leaves. Last year lots of raking, blowing, bagging and mulching w/ my push mower. Really hoping these blades cut down on some labor.

*Looking at a used GT245 later this morning for $1,200. If it's within my abilities...looking at cleaning it up and flipping. If finished product turns out better than LT150 then who knows. My LT turned into a diamond in the rough. Cleaned up and runs amazing! Hoping this may turn into a fun and profitable hobby.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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