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MTD Yard Machine 18.5hp/46" 12 Speed

Model number: 14AS820H352
Serial number: 1F029B10178

Model: 42A707
Type: 2238 E1

My friend gave me her old mower after her ex had stripped and screwed everything on it that he could (in my opinion). My girlfriend took it to a shop for repair and after dropping a grand, I got it back.

I was told everything should work, and after running it for 5 minutes, the belt that causes it to move slipped off, but that was an easy fix. Then I try to shift into Low Range, with the deck lowered, but the shifter will not budge into Low Range Forward. That's when the mechanic decided to let me know that he disabled my Low Range Forward ("I set it where it needs to be, any lower it will kill your lawn.")

Now, I am handy, I am capable, and I'd hate to say that those words were incredibly condescending, but they were. All in all, it is my tractor, I would prefer that everything work as it should, regardless of other's opinions. Does anyone have any advice on enabling the LRF? I've been scouring articles and mechanic videos and I can't find what I'm looking for.
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