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Hi Guys

Looking for some support here as I'm new to ride ons and inherited one when we moved house.

Problem is that I still get a lot of cutting/clumps left all over the lawn & I was given the impression by the previous owner that doesn't happen cos it mulches.

Does my mower have a fault or am I doing something wrong. Can't find a manual online.

Cheers for any help!

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Welcome to MLF!

Not to say that you do, but typically with multching, you often get the best results when the grass is dry as it reduces the chances of clumping and also build-up underneath the mowing deck. The shear characteristic of multching increases the chance of grass build-up underneath the mowing deck and to get the best results, the underside needs to the clean and not blocked for maximum efficiency. In other words, it's not a bad idea to clean the bottom of the deck before and or after each mowing. Dull blades can also be a contributing factor.

Other than cutting when it's dry, what I'd really suggest to try though is to try at a different mowing height. Adjust the cutting height at a little higher setting and see what happens. If you find that you get the best results at a higher cutting height yet still want the grass shorter, then you may have to go over it a second time with the lower desired cutting height.

Hope some of these tips help and I'm sure some of the other members here will have other suggestions. Keep us updated! :)
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