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Hi All

Newbie here so go gently.

I have a rather old (by today's standards) Lawnflite 555 ride on. As soon as I got it I had to service, oil and grease and sharpened the blades. He was desperately in need of TLC. So, it is now cutting like it should and as we have 2 acres to cut every 2 weeks he is going to be busy.

Yesterday whilst reaching the end of the cut, the clutch (If thats the right description) pedal started juddering. Upon checking it also does it in reverse, and when I look down at the belts and pulleys, the whole lot are waggling about like a dogs tail.

Prior to this the drive belt from the engine to the axle became so loose it was slipping off at the engine pulley.

The blade belt and system are fine, its only the drive side of things.

Are the two problems connected ? What could the overall problem be ?

Thanks In advance.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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