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The picture on the right was taken last year, before I got my ZTR. I planted 150 trees in an area of about an acre. (of the 4 acres of my property) It took about 2 1/2 to 3 hours to complete. I couldn't make turns tight enough to go row to row, so I did every other row. Each row takes 3 passes. That's a lot of swooping back and forth. Sometimes the grass got away from me and got a little tall. Inside each of those clumps is an 18" tall cage to keep the rabbits off my trees.

The picture on the left was taken about a month ago. I finished last season with my ZTR and all of this season. Now it takes about an hour and a half. While I don't do the roundy-round on each tree, I can get much closer with much better control. Also, because it takes less time, and is much more fun to do, I mow it more often, so the weeds don't get away from me now. I could go even faster if the ground wasn't so bumpy. The blades spin much faster than a tractor mower, so the cut quality is not the limiting factor. Staying on the machine while it's bouncing off the ground is the challenge. Yee Haw!!


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