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Hi, I have a murray wide body that the drive belt needs replaced, I acquired the mower second hand and unfortunately the serial plate under the seat is missing. It has a 40 in deck, and 14.5 hp briggs and stratton deck. I believe its a 98 model from what Ive seen on others thats when murray used the 14.5 engine. Can anyone help me with the model number or maybe with the belt size from this info that I have? Id really appreciate any feedback!
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Hello, mikhayes, and welcome to MLMF. Glad you found us and jumped in. Good luck on finding info on your mower. I can't help, but I'd expect someone that can will be along soon.

Enjoy the forum!
Hey Mike, if you post the engine numbers stamped on that Briggs we can figure out the year it was made. That's assuming it's the original engine.

You could also use Google and do an image search for "Murray wide body" or "Murray tractor" and then look through the zillions of pictures and see if you spot something that looks like yours. Good luck!
Thanks guys. Ill try the google search and the engine numbers tomorrow. I know the engine is original because I know the person I got the mower from.
Welcome, mikhayes, I hope you find the help you need!
Yeah, Google it. Google is my best friend besides my dawg Henry. That is how I found this forum in the first place!
Yes, that should do the trick. We recently bought a Simplicity reel mower with BS; when we searched the model number it said the exact year, month, and day that the engine was made!
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