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Mower engine decision....cant decide

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I was set to buy a new Honda HRX but after talking to a dealer that sells both I have decided to go with a Toro Super Recycler. Mostly due to personal pace vs smart drive. I was discussing the Toro motor vs the Honda motor also. It really has me stuck. Do I go with the proven (Honda) or do I go with the one speced with iron sleeve, rod bearings not bushings (toro)? The Toro seems to be speced the same as honda's 160cc commercial motor. The guy said the Toro engine has been in service for about 5 years but just made production on U.S. mowers last year. I have concerns about parts. At this time I can easily pick up an airfilter for a honda motor at home depot. I cannot do the same with the Toro I thought. The guy told me the Briggs, Honda, Toro engine airfilters are the same dimensions. Anyone notice this, is it true? I do figure that Home depot may have those simple things possibly next year as long as they get toro mowers with the toro engine. All else fails I can just order one from toro. Spark plugs shouldnt be an issue. Consumer reports rated the the 20381 (toro engine) the same as the 20382 (Honda engine). The price difference is only about $40 more for the honda motor.
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If it was me, I'd go with the Honda GCV160. Even though this engine doesn't have ball bearings and a cast iron cylinder sleeve, it's been in service for at least a decade and has proven itself to be more than adequate for residential (i.e., consumer) use. After all, Honda trusts this engine (and its 190cc sibling) on their residential mowers---which, IMO, says a lot.
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