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Mower Deck washer kit

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Hi All, anyone used or using a deck wash kit the type that has a fitting mounted on the deck that a garden hose is connected to. Do you like it are they worth the time and money to install? I'm thinking about one.
GB in MN
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I've never had a tractor deck with it. But I have an old Toro Whirlwind mower with a place to put in the hose nozzle. Always seemed to make more of a mess then really cleaning it out if there was much build up. Green goo flies everywhere. :D Your results may very. ;)
I have a late model Husqvarna with the wash nozzle factory installed.

In theory, the water turned on and the blades engaged, it's supposed to wash out the deck bottom .... but, it doesn't work very well. :( . I have done it a few times then, jacked up the mower and wash out all the remaining clumped grass. The system on mine misses a good 75% so, I quit using it as it's a waste of time for me...
Neat marketing gimmick, but deck wash ports don't work well. The grass that's willing to come out easily makes a green watery mess, and the grass that won't come out just retains the moisture and clumps more.
Hi Guys, thanks very much I was thinking that way but wanted fist hand knowledge, what you guys have posted make sense to me so its off to another idea.:)
marketing gimmick more like a new parts gimmick. Think about what this is doing blasting cold water on hot deck spindle bearing. This is the dumbest idea unless you plan on selling more spindle bearing. This is just Stupid 101.
My JD 2305 with the 62" Edge deck has the washer port, I have never used it. I just get my trusty plastic scraper out and scrape out the clippings once a month.

To me that thing is a waste, if it ever breaks I just put a bolt and a nut in place of the port.
small amounts of fresh cut grass on the underside of the mower deck washes out fine....larger built-up packed clumps is going to be a problem to rinse clean....lower the deck to reduce splashing and cool the mower a little before rinsing.i use mine regularly for the last 3 years with no issues.
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