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Hi everyone, a year and a half ago I bought a Honda 4518. Last winter I welded some pieces into the mower deck, cleaned it all up and repainted it. This year, at the end of the season one of the pullies completely broke away. The whole deck is pretty rotten in fact. So the question really is: is there a deck that I can buy and adapt to fit my tractor as I can't find a good second hand one. Thanks for you help.

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If you can't find a suitable used one, it might be possible to replace the cutter housing with a new one. They're pretty pricey, but you'd be starting out with a nearly new deck. Depending on what sort of shape the other parts are in on your deck, maybe you could swap them out onto a new housing. I don't know specifically which one is yours, or if they're actually available, but the do show them on the left column here.

All Years Honda Lawn Tractor Parts

You could check here too.

Plano Power Equipment Online Store - Honda Parts by Model Number

I'll often find the part number I need, then google it to compare prices, and check different places that might carry what I need.
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