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Mower Deck Blades Disengage

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I have a Deere Z737 with 444 hours. The blades stopped turning today as I was mowing. The engine runs fine and the mower handles well. When I engage the blades they turn for 15-30 seconds and then stop turning. It does not affect the engine and I can still drive it. Suggestions?
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Pto clutch going out? maybe scrutinize the wiring to make sure it is not busted
If the PTO Clutch was going out would it leak oil?
the clutch itself would not leak oil. The clutch is a magnetic engaged clutch, similar to a automotive air conditioner clutch, and is a seperate unit from the engine. But, there is a oil seal directly above it on the engine.
Is there any unusual noises before the blades stop? Is the belt or any pulleys hot? Could be a failing idler pulley or spindle bearings. Check the PTO and seat switch operation.
Thanks for the suggestions. I found a guy who wanted to buy it and got a good price so sold it and bought a Z920M. I'd had it 19 years and so was ready for another one.
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