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Mojack Pro Lift

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Wondering what other uses you have found for your Mojack Lift. I have just purchased the Mojack Pro, lifting capacity of 750lbs. Have you come up with other things you can do with your lift besides your mower that will justify the cost?
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I LOVE my mojack!!!!!!!!!
Well thats a good start 89yt12! :cool
I didnt think it was that great untill I got one, now that I have it, I find myself taking better care of my blades and deck. It makes it super easy to get to the greese fittings under decks and the few that are under the Snapper. You can use the hand crank to raise it, or a 1/2 IIRC attachemnt on your drill. I personly find it just as easy to use the hand crank on it. I have the original one but it lifts the Snapper fine and its 550LBS.

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Have you found any other uses for it besides the mowers?
BTW thats a nice looking YT12 you have there. :)

No havent found any other uses
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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