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I recently took the deck off my craftsman to replace the belts that drive the baldes. when i finished i put everything back and remounted the deck to the tractor. Now that i have it put back together the blade wont engage. there is a spring on the back side of the deck that is loose. it is the one that is connected to the pulley that shifts when the blades are engaged and disengaged. and i cannot figure out how to get it fixed. i have the deck off again and i have been looking and scratching my head trying to figure out how to get it so that there is tension on it but i just dont see what is wrong with it. i.e. nothing is broken or missing. and i cant remember how it was sitting on there before i took it off.

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Here's an exploded view from Sears website:

Picture only:

Not very clear though from the picture where the spring might connect. Unfortunately the owners manual is not much better although it does have a good picture of the belt routing on page 24. If you need an owners manual you can download one here:

Owner's Manual - CRAFTSMAN Lawn, Tractor 917273643 -

Direct link to manual .pdf download file:
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