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Model 49 snowblower sprocket upgrade step by step

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I decided to upgrade my snowblower to a different sprocket. I have seen many threads about this but no real step by steps. The purpose of this upgrade is to speed up the auger on your snow blower so it will throw the snow further. This will help when the snow is wet and heavy. I am going to do a step by step for you guys.

I was moving it into the shop in this picture

Here is the sprocket shield removed

This is the sprocket that needs removed

This is the master link in the # 50 chain, sorry it is hard to see

Here is the set screw in the original 40 tooth sprocket

This is after the sprocket has been removed, a good time to check all of your bearings on the auger.

This is the original 40 tooth sprocket removed

Here is the new 34 tooth sprocket laying next to the factory 40 tooth

Notice the hub protrudes through the sprocket on the factory one, and the new one is smooth. This will be important when you put the new sprocket on you will have to make sure you line up your sprockets so the chain is nice and straight.

Notice the new sprocket has two allen head set screws.

This is a chain breaking tool used to remove the links of the chain

Here is how you place the tool on the chain. then you screw it down until it pushes the pin out. This tool is just one way of doing it there are several ways you can removed the chain links. Now is also a good time to thoroughly inspect your chain for wear.

Here are the removed links

This is the idler sprocket that you will adjust the chain tension as per the manual

All done tension set and ready to try out

All in all this was a pretty easy upgrade to perform with basic tools. If how much air the blower moves when running is any indication of how well it is going to blow snow then I have a feeling I will be very happy with the upgrade. I am going to possibly do the rubber flap upgrade next. I was going to check the RPM on the new gear but my digital tack battery was dead. I hope this helps anyone who may be considering this upgrade. It could be done in less than a couple of hours if you had the new sprocket before you started. Questions welcome


Originally posted on December 2012.
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Nice job. I am going to move the finished product out in the open after checking spelling.
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