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I'm pretty excited! After a fairly long search, I finally found myself a genuine Jacobsen Model 15A riding sulky to hitch up to my Lawn King!

I had searched the usual places online, and ran WTB ads on Craig's List and EngineAds looking for one. Actually found one in Tennessee and another in Pennsylvania, but the cost of shipping them was just waaaay too high for me.

I got a call from a guy who saw one of my Craig's list ads about three weeks ago while I was out of town but I was able to hook up with him yesterday and pick it up.

It has been painted at some time or another, has a few scrapes and scratches, but I think it looks pretty good. It's just missing a clevis on the front hitch, but I know I can find something to work. Now I've got to get to work at cleaning the King up and getting it to look as good as the sulky!
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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