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Maybe buying Lawnboy S19ZPN off CL.

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Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum and this is my first post. I actually have a lawn care business (I'm sure you have heard that before) that is called "Small Stripes Lawn Care" I only use push mowers since my lawns are small plus it eliminates damage to the property and turf. I'm looking to buy a Lawnboy 2 cycle mower. I had a gold series self propelled mower that was great but was very hard to start until I messed with the carb some.

Then someone used it and hit a decent size branch and well it never ran again. We took it apart and the needle bearings were everywhere and it was torn apart inside pretty bad. It was given away to someone for parts.

My current equipment is:
-Brand new Toro Recycler personal pace with blade stop
-Echo SRM225 line trimmer
-Homelite backpack blower
-Homelite hand held blower (given to me free)

I want a 2 cycle lawnboy that's NOT self propelled and have found one on craigslist locally.

Its a S19ZPN and isn't self propelled. The guy said it doesn't come with the mulch plug which I want and was wondering how hard it is to find one for the S19ZPN model.

I'm assuming that its a 19 inch mower instead of a 21 inch by the number in the model?

Please any information on this mower would be great!

Would this mower (properly maintained of course) stand up to commercial use? I know Lawnboy makes commercial versions but they seem hard to find and expensive when found.

I read that the "F" series 4.0HP engine is actually really good and even says its a commercial grade engine on it.

Any information would be great appreciated!
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Just wanted to say welcome to the forum SmallStipes! :)

One of our Lawnboy aficionados should be along to answer you questions.
I hope its cheap. There are better LBs I could think of. What about a 10323? cheap and easy to find.
Hey, welcome to the site SmallStripes! :)

You've got a nice 'line up' of equipment there! That's cool how your company is unique in the way that it only uses push mowers to offer that particular cut. Cool.

Like Mark mentioned, there should be some LB enthusiasts on their way to help you out. :)
Thank you for welcoming me to the forum. I have always loved lawn mowers and pretty much anything with an engine since I was in little. Knowing there's forums for lawn mowers is pretty awesome and of course is a great tool for learning.

I have always loved the look of striped lawns and I only use push mowers and they make small stripes and I always attempt to stripe even on weedy grass. So Small Stripes Lawn Care fits perfectly.

I decided to get the Lawn Boy and I'm very glad I did. It starts on the first pull without priming it and has been very well kept in my opinion. The guy I purchased it from repairs lawn care equipment for a living and happened to get this particular mower in on a trade and he went through it to make sure everything is right and cleaned the exhaust port and carburetor (It has the metal one!) and it seems to be a very sound machine.

Now I'm on the search for a cheap mulch plate for it.

I have six lawns tomorrow and plan on using it which I'm very excited for! I just have to buy a gas can specifically for the Lawn Boy since it runs 32:1 and not 50:1 like my weed eater and blower and I don't want to get them mixed up.

Its probably the lightest mower I have ever seen in my life BESIDES a Sears Eager 1 which was very very old.

Any information on this mower and maybe where I could find a mulch plate cheap would be great!

Also the engine says Lawn Boy Supreme on it. Does that mean anything?
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Welcome, SmallStripeslawncare. Sorry about the delay in getting in here.

You should have no problem finding a 19 inch mulch plug, but I prefer the cut of a LB without the mulcher. Seems as though an hour or so into mowing there is a buildup under the decks and the quality of cut appears to deteriorate, but that's just my personal preference.

Gas can. Better idea here. Run a very good quality synthetic oil and use the same mix in all your equipment. Amsoil, Lucas, Opti2, etc. Then run everything at 50:1. I am using Amsoil at the present time. Like it very well, but any synthetic oil that is a name brand and advertises protection up to 100:1 will work for you.
Brad thank you for the reply! I did find a mulch plug off ebay for it. It was specifically for the 19 inch staggered wheel decks so I know it'll fit. I'll watch for the buildup under the deck.

Can I run it 50:1? I currently use Echo Power Blend with 89 octane fuel.

Also I'm having a hard time finding a gator style blade that will work with my 19 inch deck. Any ideas? Or what is the best mulching blade I can get for it?
You can run 50:1 if it's a good quality synthetic offering protection at 50:1 on the lable. I personally use Amsoil and am perfectly satisfied. Actually, some of their product suggests 100:1 (but I am not THAT brave) and many folks go that route.

If you cannot find a Gator blade, try looking at Home Depot or the like, for a Viper blade. Similar design and a very heavy metal.

Good luck!
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