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Welcome to the forum Prowler! :howdy:

Looks like you have a Kawasaki FH500V engine on that. Here's the service manual for it which includes that information:

I would recommend downloading and saving the manual to your computer for future reference as they can disappear at times from the net if they are copyrighted and the manufacture finds them posted. ;)

PS, If you have a digital camera I recommend taking photos before disassembling it that you can refer back to if needed. It can save some headaches if you forget where something goes when putting it back together.

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Just be careful with any non metallic parts. Briggs recommends soaking them no longer then 15 minutes.

This from page 67 of the Kawasaki manual:

Do not use compressed air on an assembled carburetor,
or the floats may be crushed by the pressure.
Remove as many rubber or plastic parts as possible
from the carburetor before cleaning the carburetor
with a cleaning solution. This will prevent from
damage or deterioration of the parts.
The carburetor body has plastic parts that cannot
be removed. Do not use a strong carburetor
cleaning solution which could attack these parts;
instead, use a mild high-flash point cleaning solution
safe for plastic parts.
Do not use wire or any other hard instrument to
clean carburetor parts, especially jets, as they may
be damaged.

•Disassemble the carburetor.

•Immerse all the carburetor metal parts in a carburetor
cleaning solution and clean them.

•Rinse the parts in water and dry them with compressed

•Do not use rags or paper to dry parts. Lint may plug the
holes or passages.

•Blow air through the holes and fuel passages with the
compressed air. All holes must be open.

•Assemble the carburetor.
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