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I have a 1999 John Deere with the 17 HP Kawasaki Engine that is giving me a fit. My mowing takes less than an hour about every 4 days. After the mower has run about 30 minutes if I throttle it down or cut it off and restart the engine does not come up to full RPM. It runs smooth , but if you hit the PTO there is not enough power to turn the blades properly. After a minute or 2 it powers back up.
I just recently changed the plugs and fuel filter and there is no difference. Sunday it would not start at all for the second time in a month. I checked the fuel pump ,choke and wiring and all were working fine. Pulled the carburetor off, I thought maybe the float was sticking, but it springs up and down fine. I put it back together and back in got on the mower and it started and ran like a top. I mowed the yard without stopping. After that I turned it off and restarted it and the Rpms were low again for about a minute and then it just throttled up an sounded fine again. Any ideas ?
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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