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Hi all,

Recently bought a Troy Bilt LTX 1842, love it except for a few deck issues.

For one: When I raise the deck to the highest height, and turn on the blades, they run fairly well but I can hear the blades changing speeds as I go through different height grass. When I lower the height, the blades turn off when I get down around height 3 or 4. I just replaced the PTO belt and now the blades run much faster on the highest height, but still when I get down to height 2 or 3 the blades stop.

Secondly: the blades only rise to 3.5 inches. I'm constantly amazed at how some mowers don't go to at least 4 inches. Anyways, I'm wondering if anyone has any experience modifying decks or has any ideas on how to get the deck up to 4 inches. I've been looking through the part diagrams and can't figure out a way to get it up higher. Any ideas?


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Welcome to the site! :)

It sounds like a belt is slipping possibly at the different deck heights, although it is a guess. I would lift the tractor up if you have a safe way to go about doing it, and with the engine off of course, raise and lower the deck to the different height settings and see if you can tell if anything is binding up or anything wonky is happening with the belts at the different settings.

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Ditto Austen's thoughts. Sounds like and spring loaded back tension idler (if it has one) is bound up or a belt tension adjuster need reset.

Given the clearance most mowers seem to have, you might have no other way then to put oversize tires on it to raise it a bit. Even doing that your going to have fender to tire clearance issues to watch out for.
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