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LT1000 Problems

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I have an LT1000 with 17.5 B&S model 31C707-0230E1. I've been having problems with the engine. To keep it brief as of now, it starts up fine with choke and runs good with choke. At idle speed it continues to run fine. As I increase throttle speed it gets rough, surges, misses and is inconsistent.

To date I've confirmed; fresh fuel, gas cap vent is good, new fuel filter, air filter, spark plug, fresh oil. I took carb apart cleaned thoroughly (more than once), replaced float needle and new gaskets. Ran Sea Foam thru carb. Added Sea Foam to fuel. Adjusted valves to specs. Adjusted throttle linkage per the manual. Took float bowl solenoid out and confirmed it operates when the key is turned. Any other suggestions?

It seems like its not getting enough fuel every 2 seconds but don't see how the carb isn't clean. Only has idle adjust screw and mixture needle with limiter cap. Manual says the mixture needle can't be removed without breaking it. I suspect it could be a problem sense it doesn't seem to effect engine when adjusting it within the range allowed by the limiter cap. I sprayed carb cleaner in the hole while turning the needle hoping to clean it. Also, I replaced the fuel filter with the same kind that was on it. The package says for engines with fuel pumps (which mine doesnt have) although it originally ran fine with the old one.

The throttle/air vane moves sporadically as the engine does. Possibly governor issue? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I'm out of ideas. Thanks in advance.
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You can spray carb cleaner, wd40, ether around the base of carb and intake areas and listen for a change in RPMs if it does change you can narrow down the area. You could even have a crack in the intake from being over torqued or hit.

BE CAREFUL spraying flammable liquids around the running engine! If you use carb cleaner be sure not to get any on the painted surfaces as it will mess up your paint.
Thanks Five Points, I will give that a try. I was making sure I had the valves adjusted correctly and noticed some wear on the intake push rod. Maybe 1/32" wear on each side in the middle of the wear. Could this be the cause of the problem or just a good idea to replace?
If you are referring to wear on the side of the push rod/s were they make contact with the guides than yes, especially if they are *aluminum. If they are solid steel and the wear is minimal it would be up to you.

*They are known to fail in that area and bend or break.

Simple wear on the side of the push rod should not cause the engine to run bad, if the wear was on the ends not allowing you to properly adjust your valves than yes, the rest you know ;)
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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