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LT1000 front L wheel doesnt turn.

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Hey guys. My mower is giving me some trouble. My front left wheel does not turn, it stays stationary and the metal around it moves and so does the right wheel. Its not the axle, but the metal piece that is just beneath the axle on which the wheel is mounted. Iv compared it to the right wheel that is fine and iv noticed that the weld connecting it to that "turn bar" (not sure what its called) has broke. I have found someone that can weld it back, but I do not have a trailer or truck to get it to him. What I need to know is, how can I remove the wheel part that is broken. Iv looked in my manual and it shows what is broken to be the "spindle assembly L.H." Also, If am able to remove that part, will I need to buy any replacement parts that may no longer work since I removed them? Any help would be much appreciated, as are any other suggestions on how to fix this problem. Thank you much. I may be able to post some pics if you need.
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Ok. Iv done some more research and it seems the part I need is 169840. If I buy a new 1, what other parts will I need to buy along with it? (bearigns, bushels or something like that?) Or, If I fix it, will I need to buy any other parts?
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I hope I got the right parts breakdown , I don't have your model #
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There is a C clip/snap ring on the top of the king pin #4 under the cap #46 you need to remove, #32 a tie rod/drag link you need to remove the cotter pin and the axle assy should slide off (down).

There is a small bushing #26 that if worn you could replace
There are bushings #9, top and bottom, I believe are plastic, you could replace

If was going to replace these, I would do both sides. There are bushings in the wheels too that could be replaced. They are either plastic or brass.

It's actually a pretty straight forward job, just take a few pictures before you start to assure you get everything put back where they belong.
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Great. So if I decide to just fix that part, and all of the parts your talking about are fine, I shouldnt need to buy anything?
If there is no play in the front end and upon disassembly you do not find any significant wear in the bushings, you could very well re-assemble everything without replacing anything, maybe just the cotter pin on the tie rod/drag link. You may want to clean everything real good and put fresh grease on everything. The bushings are not that pricey though and if you have everything taken apart, that would be the time to replace them though. Its totally up to you.
Sounds good. I think I will take it apart first and see how everything looks, then decide what to do.

Thanks a ton fella, you have been a big help!
Your welcome, by the way once you have the part# from searspartsdirect you can usually find the same parts cheaper elsewhere. A lot the parts are MTD compatible.
Just food for thought :)
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