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Me and my grandaughter restored a 2003 Lt 150 last fall. I added a seat so she could ride up front with me. We had a great time going to the "tractor store " and working on it and finaly using it to cut grass, vacume up leaves, and plow all the retired nieghbors driveways.:) well this past week we were cutting grass and all of a sudden we heard a bang in the rear end. The dealer says the transaxle is 650 new. :confused: So i have been exaustingly looking for a used axle. if any one knows of a jd salvage yard or anyone who is parting one out. please let us know. Also is there is any way to upgrade this axle so this doesent happen again.

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Where are you located? I'm guessing the wisest option would be to find a used Hydro rear axle somewhere in your area to replace yours.

I did a quick search on the local Craigslist and found a used hydro axle from a JD LT166 for only $150 (the rear hydro axle is interchangable on the LT150, 155, 160, 166, 170, and 180 models). So if you happen to be located near this one it may be a good replacement. If not, I would encourage you to search on Craigslist or Ebay for a used hydro axle from one of the LT models listed above.

Here is the link to the hydro axle I found locally in Pennsylvania:
John Deere Lt166 Hydro rear

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...Also is there is any way to upgrade this axle so this doesent happen again.
Don't know of any "upgrades" but you could contact Tuff Torq and see what they say.

You could also upgrade from a K46 to a K66. But that would be more involved then just replacing the current axle and cost more to do as well.

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