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Let Us Know if You Came Here From Facebook!

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No I haven't gotten into Face Book yet. I have so many interests which are mustly about OLD stuff, lots of old stuff which I have been collecting for about 50 years.
Hope to find others like myself,
:welcome: to MLF, Invent!

Thanks for telling us a little about yourself, you're going to fit right in! :)
Nice to have you on board Invent4u! There's a bit of old stuff around here and the collection appears to be getting bigger everyday. Hope to see some pics of your equipment, we like pictures here!
I'm a new member from Canada and I'm not on facebook

I'm not on facebook. I'm new member from Canada, retired and hope to get some ideas in solving issues with my toro riding lawnmower. Hello everyone.

Welcome to MLF, thanks for finding us and joining!
Not a Member of Facebook
Good to know! Welcome to MLF!
No. I do not have a Facebook account
Got it.
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Had a facebook for 8 years (UVM was an early school to have it.) Got rid of it when I realized it was making me hate my "friends." Have been facebook free for 3 years now and loving it. Second most satisfying thing after quitting smoking..

So no, did not come here from facebook, found this site via the snowblower forum, and loving it so far. Thanks for having me!
I came from FB. I'm looking for information on Gravely mowers.
New here

New here usually have my yard done by lawn people. Decided to go ahead and start mowing myself. Hoping to learn a lot of things on here and gain some knowledge.
Welcome to the forum! :)
Welcome Michelle!
Hello, I'm on FB and used my profile to get into this forum. Would love to know how I can ask a question about a John Deere Z465 pulley issue.
Western Mass

No, havent come here from Facebook. Have an interest in keeping my mower running. I live in Western Mass
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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