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I am having a problem where the engine runs but it will not take fuel when trying to go to full throttle.

These are the the things that I have done:
1. Remove gas cap from both tanks and disconnected the fuel filter
and then blow air thru the lines to each tank in turn.

2. Remove fuel filter and replace with a piece of 1/4 copper tube to
see if the problem was still there. It was.

3. Remove the hose between the fuel pump and the carb, crank
engine,fuel pumps out.

4. Remove fuel hose from input side of carb, repeat pump test, fuel is
being pumped to the carb .

5. Remove fuel shutoff solenoid from fuel bowl,remove bowl, check
float and needle valve movement. Both seem ok.

6. Check fuses to fuel. It is ok.

The problem still persists and I am looking for help to get this great
mower going again. Any simple solutions?



Edit: The engine is the Kohler 18 HP Vee 2 cylinder.

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Hi Ernie,

It sounds like you have done quite a bit of troubleshooting already.

I would venture on to the carb itself and clean it. It sound as if a passage way or jet inside may be partially clogged and not allowing sufficient fuel flow.

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Ditto Austen's thoughts. Sounds like your only getting fuel through the idle mixture passages in the carb and the main jet has a blockage.

Edit: Actually now that I think about it more a partly plugged idle port can also cause a problem at high speed with too lean of mixture. Might try running the wire from a bread twisty through all the passages, blow out with air and carb cleaner and see if that helps.
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