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Lawnflite MTD ?

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Hi All, I have just got hold of a MTD ride on lawnmower, The wiring is all over the place as the previous owner decided to put a battery isolator in it and stripped out the wiring to do it :confused: I have been trying to get hold of a manual with no luck as MTD Say the Model number does not exist, as they ask for an 11 digit number and I can only find 10 ? On the plastic sticker under the seat it has 548 MOD 1354 then underneath it has 131-658C611/C111H1, then on the left of that it has 3X-301-4955. Does anyone have any Ideas of what I have :eek:

Thanks Lorrick
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Lawnflite MTD

Thanks Brad, I will give it a go and let you know how I get on.


Lawnflite MTD Model 548 ride on mower

Hi Brad, I looked and unfortunately no joy, I even got hold of MTD Who said they had no information on the mower, and looked it up on there document serch and it says no longer available. So I thing i will have to see if I can firnd someone who has one, and get the information .
Thanks for the help.
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