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Hello everyone

I have a Lawnflite 604 (115/30") ride on for which the main drive belt (754-0280) has finally given up the ghost. It's warped, cracked, torn, and doesn't drive the thing any more.

I got it off, essentially by removing bolts, screws and pins until I could unloop it from the dual pulley at the rear of the machine. At one point, I unhooked the large spring holding the pulley back.

I have ordered a new belt, which is heading to me as we speak. I just wonder if anyone could either

a) take a picture of the underside of a 604 so I can see how it should go back together, or

b) tell me if there's an easy way to reassemble it, or whether it really does just take a lot of pulling and grunting!


Thanks so much in advance for your help
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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