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Lawnboy Model 7268 - Needle Bearings

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So I am re-building my lawnboy after the connector rod broke from the crank shaft. When re-installing the piston and rod to the shaft, How are the needle bearings installed. The old ones ended up all inside the engine. Not sure if I have them all so I may purchase new ones. Do I just grease up the shaft and stick them next to each other like mini pretzel sticks on peanut butter? When buying new ones, are they contained in some kind of sleeve? Hmmm., I'm kinda hungry now.
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O, and another thing. When I took the cylinder apart to get to the piston, I noticed there was no gasket or anything between the two parts. Do I need anything when I screw it back together? Is it torqued to anything special? What about torquing the connecting rod around the crank shaft.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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