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Lawnboy F201 Exhaust Ports

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I have a 1982, model 60-1618-2 Lawnboy that runs fine but lacks in power. I believe the engine is an F201. As the manual suggests, I should clean out the exhaust ports. To re-install the muffler cover, the manual states "Use special tool part no. 609968 to correctly align crankshaft support".
My questions are:
1. Is it really nescessary to have this tool for aligning the crankshaft support?
2. What are the consequences if I don't use that tool?
3. Is there any carb adjustment that may improve my power?
Thanks in advance for any help.
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All I do is get an old business card, wrap it around the crank between it and the support, then tighten the 3 bolts. As far as carb adjustments, I try to keep the rpm governer to the proper speed spec and then after a hot shut down, be sure it starts with at least 2 pulls. If it takes more than that you probably need to adjust it a little tiny bit richer.
Thank you for the advice. After removing the blade, I found the blade adapter plate is rusted to the shaft. So now I still can't get at the 3 bolts for the muffler cover. I believe I will need a two-jaw puller to get that adapter off the shaft first. I'll be back with more news as it happens.
I got a two-jaw puller but the ends of the jaws are too big to catch under the blade adapter. I think I will leave it as is, try adjusting the carb, and put up with any loss of power. Thanks for your help.
You are probably not going to realize full power if the ports are clogged, plus you will undoubtedly overheat and score the cylinder walls. Some limited heat on the adapter along with some water to cool the crankshaft as you go will help, plus some penetrating oil. It will take some work but you'll eventually get the part off. Even if you have to get a hack saw and cut it off and replace it, you'll be glad you did.
they do make a three jaw slide hammer which should work to get your adaptor off. if you don't have one check with a rent-a-tool shop.
I just have this little cheap puller I got a some flea market. Nothing heavy duty. If you were in Michigan, you could stop buy and we could get it off for you.
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