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Hi all,

I picked up a 10547 commercial grade Lawnboy last year. It is a strong mower when it runs. Last year it ran well but was a fussy cold start. Once it was warmed up it would start right up no problem. I put in a fuel shut off valve and a filter which seemed to help. End of last season it died out.

This spring it would not start up at all. I have done the following: changed out gas with fresh gas/oil mix. Taken apart and cleaned carb at least 3 times. Replace spark plug and tested to confirm it has a good spark.

Yesterday I sprayed carb cleaner directly into the carb and when I gave it a pull it fired about 3-4 times but did not turn over. This had me thinking it just not getting fuel. I took apart the carb one more time and cleaned it good with compressed air. Checked the needle and float which look OK to me, but to be honest don't know how to tell if it was bad. Needle was clean and sharp. Float is made of cork.

Any ideas? Plugged exhaust ports maybe? I have read LB are known for that. It just seems like it's not getting fuel as plug is dry when I check it.

thanks in advance
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