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Lawnboy 10533 Control Cables

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I have a 1986 Lawnboy 10533 that has a 6 HP B&S:). Had to replace the cables # 7 and 8 (ouch on cost) that are in the control assembly. Problem is that the detent spring #16 fell out before I could see how it connects:confused:. Well, I know where one end goes that has the nylon bushing #11, but not the other. The parts illustration shows it(#16) but not where it connects. BTW - Everything I have seen only refers to a 5.5 HP engine on this model but this one has a 6 HP OHC. Runs great when the control cables work. Thanks


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Hello, Tumbleweed, and welcome to the forum.

Take a look here:

See if that helps you decipher where the spring should connect.
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