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Lawn Boy Snowblower Model 1819

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Hello, all!

Just picked up this oddity at a garage sale and I'm just tickled pink! I'm baffled, however, at the lack of information available online for it. I searched at and they've got nothing. Searching some parts suppliers, I've found models before and after, but nothing for this 1964. I have not been able to find any manual for it, either. So, I have some questions.

I know it's a C18 AA engine...until now, the only engines I've dealt with were F series.

Can I run my regular 32:1 Lawn Boy Gasoline in it?
What is the correct spark plug & gap?

It ran O.K. with the old gas that was in it. I put some fresh 32:1 in it and it seemed to run better, but smoked profusely. It has a new plug but I don't think it's correct.

The decal indicates to "disengage the clutch" before starting, but I can find no lever or rod that serves such a purpose.

For being nearly 50 years old, it's in remarkably good shape. The only thing not original, near as I can tell, is the gas cap, as the decal indicates to open the air valve and this cap is not equipped with one.

What might such a beast be worth?

Since I recently spent a small fortune on a modern snowblower I don't really need another one...but this one was so neat, I had to have it! And, it was a bargain. If this is something that you've just gotta have, I've been trying to find an old bricktop and we might negotiate a trade.


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Lawn boy 1819 snowblower / snowboy

I have been repairing and using Lawnboy's for over 30 years.
As for the Model 1819 Snowblower it was made in 1964. I too couldn't find the Lawn Boy web site to have it listed. It is listed in the old Shop Manuals.
The only reason I could think as to why they didn't list it was in 1963 they made a Snowblower with the D 400 series engine and it didn't work out to
well and the were recalled by Lawn Boy and were converted back to the old
C series engine. They may have not made a new blower in 1964 but converting these from 1963-1964. I believe it was Model 1818 I'm talking about.

About oil---The oil ratio is 16:1 which is one 8oz can of oil per Gal of Reg. Gas. It is important to run this machine with the 16:1 ratio as the older engines had bronze bushings and won't stand up to the heat as well as the newer engines. The newer engines use more needle bearings and will take the heat better. I run the newer engines on a ratio of 24:1 which is 8 oz of oil to 1.5 Gal.of Gas. The 32:1 ratio I believe is just a little lean on oil. They may smoke a little bit more but it won't hurt them.

The point gap--- .020
Spark Plug Champion CJ-14 the gap .025

other lubrication- Gear case 10W 20W oil
There is a little clip on the impeller shaft you have to slide off and put a few drops of 20 or 30W oil in.
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Lawn boy 1819 snowblower / snowboy

Lawn Boy made these snowblowers from 1959 to 1966 as far as I can tell. I own a SB-12 Snow Boy 1959 There seems to be very few of these left around today and parts are hard to find for them. I had to custom make some of the gaskets for the gear case when I rebuilt my unit. I was lucky enough to find new piston rings for it at North Leads Garage in North Leads,WI. I bought it from a old guy that had a small engine shop in Delavan,WI. It was running when I bought it but not right. It wasn't running fast enough and when I tore it down I found out someone had the wrong governor spring in it. I was told a Lawn Boy dealers it was no longer available. I did some research on it and found that the spring used in some of the plastic blowers with the OMC 2 cycle on them used the same spring.
The free length of the spring was the same and it ran 4,000 RPM's. I found this out in Peterson's Book of Small Engines. I went to a Lawn Boy dealer and ordered that spring for one of them newer models. It worked out fine.
The only thing that is different is it is painted red and it was blue in the older Snow Boy's and it was given a new part number. It is funny Lawn Boy wouldn't have kept it listed with parts for the older units too.
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Thank you very much for the information! I just rolled this machine out (with a new plug) and did the walk & driveway. Works pretty slick, though it doesn't throw snow very far. Did a decent job of getting it up off the pavement, though.

I used the 16:1 fuel. It seemed to run a few RPM's slow. I did about 15 minutes of work with it and it seemed to come up a few RPM's and it sounded it worked out some bit of gunk in the carb or something....then, it started to misfire and eventually died. Despite the 28 degree temp outside, it was clearly hot.

It has a brand new CJ14 plug .025. Curious why it would die in such a way?

Thanks for your help. It's such a neat little machine, I'd like to keep using it for the light fluffy stuff we keep getting every couple days. A lot easier than lugging out my big Toro.
Thanks for the update Scott, glad to hear you got her up and running. :2th:
Sometimes I'm just plain stupid. In case it didn't run right, I only put a pint or so of fuel in it. It died because it ran out. I was just having too much fun! I filled it up and it fired right up. It does seem to run at a lower RPM than it ought to. I bet they replaced the governor spring with a (more standard) mower spring. Another couple hundred would really help it clear the chute.

I may have to source a different fuel cap. Snow blocks the vent hole in the existing cap.

It does seem to leak some kind of black fluid. I'll have to put it on a bench and see if a seal is bad somewhere (or, if it's just dust washing off).

Neat, neat little machine.

If you can get a photo for us that would be great too! :pics:
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