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Lawn Boy Recoil 10525

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Hi, Where can I get a replacement recoil. LB Gold Series 6.5 Duraforce. The line broke and it does not rewind.
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In searching the latest model of the 10525 I found a part number for the recoil assembly. 99-6713. Still shows available from Lawnboy but could not find any listings on eBay. $26.06 from Lawnboy. Bill

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Item discontinued. Please contact your local participating dealer for possible options.
I did find an old thread while doing a Google search for the recoil assembly about replacing the starter spring on a Duraforce.
Oldlawnboy Bill says that spring is the same as a Briggs (491889), Stens (155-725), and Oregon (43-403). Maybe check those numbers to see what is avaliable. Some disassembling of the starter required. Bill

Edit. I found a number of them on eBay for under $8.00 when checking the Briggs and Stens numbers.

Read post #11.
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Thanks again, I found one at my local shop. Someone had ordered it back in 2009 and now it's mine. Time to play the lottery!!!~!
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