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Lawn boy motor swap

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Can anyone tell me what engines will bolt to a lawn boy aluminum deck. It's a self propelled gold series, 4hp. Major carb issues. I'm needing info on swapping it out with a Honda 160 or a Briggs and Stratton. Ideas?
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Is the original engine a 2 cycle? If so, I don't think another brand will fit. What is the issue with the carb? Dirty?
Yes it's 2 cycle

Original 2 cycle 4hp. Commercial grade . The carb has been cleaned. It runs but only at super high rpm. I can't adjust the set screw or anything. Many hours spent trying to repair. I hate to scrap the mower, it's in great condition but that carb is not available. I was looking into a straight engine swap. I saw one with a Honda on it on here but I'm new to the site and can't find it again.
Did you make sure the vane for the governor isn't set to high, if it has one?

I have a mower just like this one . 10520 gold series. I set the governor just like the one I mow with. Same result. Mega high rpm. I'm no carb expert but I have one to compare it with that runs fine.

If It is the governor sticking open does anyone know a fix to this problem? I can't seem to find a book on walbro carbs or just lawnboy.
You can download the service manual from the Lawn Boy parts lookup site. It will say that it is for models up to 1988. There wasn't much difference in machines after that year till they changed the engine series. Let me see about putting an FTP site up that I could give you the link to download it from.
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