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Lawn Boy 6280

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Hi guys.
I'm new to the Lawn Boy world.
I got this 6280 F201 a few days ago.

I cleaned the carb, new float, new fuel line and it runs fine now.
I want to paint the deck and bring it back to what it was. My question is: To remove the motor, are there any tips I should be aware of or do I just remove the fuel lines and the deck mounting bolts?
Thanks in advance.
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Thank you.
I will try to find my way around the manual.
I've just noticed that there is a small gas leak (maybe a half an ounce) out of the air filter when I turn the mower off. Is this due to a poor float setting or should I be looking for something else?
Thanks. I'm in wonder about how well these old machines are made. The Craftsman I bought 3 years ago is crap compared to this mower. Do you guys use Seafoam?
Thanks guys for the advice.
I removed the muffler this morning and cleaned the exhaust ports. I noticed when moving the piston there were streaks of DARK oil on the piston. Is this just a matter of the Seafoam loosening all the crud, or is it indicative of something else?
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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