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I think I might have the last unused 9" Sunbeam blade for their twin blade mowers. Thanks to eBay, but the seller only had one. As you can see from the pictures, both of my blades are very worn out.

My options are:
1) Replace the most worn out one and enjoy mowing.
2) Put it in a display box and infuriate my wife.
3) Hold on to it until I can find a second one.
4) Ask around machine shops and see if they can make something exactly like it.
5) Resell it.

Also- has anybody else tried edger blades (the flat ones) on these mowers? I assume that the bend in mower blades has to do with pushing the grass out the chute, something a flat blade probably can't do. Could a machine shop put a bend in edger blades and do it evenly so they are balanced? Sorry about the number of questions in my first post. You should see how long my grass has gotten.



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Welcome Val! :howdy:

I would probably do #1, then number #2 with the old blade to show how much grass the mower has cut. :D While keeping your grass better in check with the new blade you could take the old blade around to get prices and comments from the machine shops. Worst they could say is no or give you a high price to convince you against doing it. The curve would be the more tricky part, balancing it afterward the easy part. Machine shops are used to working with extremely tight tolerances. If they can balance an engine crankshaft, a little cutting blade should be no problem. ;)

I think edger blades would work but with a decreased quality of cut. Like you mentioned they would lack some air movement to push the grass out and also that air movement helps lift the grass into the blade.
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