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la 115 will run for 15 min under a load the quits

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I have a la 115 with a 19.5 hp Briggs
The lawn mower will run for about 15 min under load the shuts off like it ran out of gas.
it will re start on low throttle with no load.
I have checked the coil it has a hot spark.
I have good fuel flow before and after the fuel pump.
Checked the electric switch in the bottom of the carb bowl.
checked the seat switch.
checked and cleaned the carb and fuel tank.
Also checked the fuel for water.
I am at a loss has anyone had this issue before.
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Only other thoughts not mentioned but you may have already done is loosen the fuel cap and see if the tank is drawing a vacuum. Also could swap out the fuel filter.

Does that engine have a low oil shut off sensor?
Just a idea---Are you treating your gas with an Ethanol stabilizer?

have you replaced spark plug i have had some look good but do just about that same thing in generators and compressors
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