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I did the grease, but you know what? It was the TIRES! All were low and the right front was completely flat! I obviously should have spotted this. I am grateful for all the advice.
:D I aired all four of mine up yesterday while doing my spring maintenance. I too had noticed the steering seemed to have tightened up some. (I have a suicide knob on it.) None were flat even with only a couple pounds at most in one rear tire but surprising how much difference it makes on steering. Downside is I lost some traction on the slope in the front yard.

On a side not I bought a low pressure gauge at Tractor Supply a few years ago. Comes in real handy for tractor tires to get a more accurate reading compared to a standard pressure gauge. This is the one I have:

SLIME - Worldwide Leader in Tire Care - Repairing a flat tire? Slime Tire & Tube Sealant » Catalog » Catalog Products » 1-20 psi Low-Pressure Gauge with Bonus Caps (#1011-A)
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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