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I've got a 2005 L111 (20hp) rider with 130 hrs on it. It seems like as far back as I can remember, it's puffed a cloud of blue smoke "sometimes" on startup. It might do it one time and not the next, or a couple times on and a couple times off, etc. My mechanic (auto) has a JD rider too, and says his does this also. He says it's the way the valves end up when the engine stops, letting some oil seep down on the piston, which burns off on the initial startup. Does this sound correct? Or, any other opinions? It doesn't burn (use) any oil otherwise. I really don't have as big of lawn as I used to, we've moved to a smaller lot and we added on a wood shop to the garage. So, I don't need a mower this big anymore and figure on selling it. I'd like to know what to tell a potential buyer when I start it up and it smokes for a second (if it does, but they'll see it eventually). It doesn't seem to bother anything, but it does drive me nuts! Thanks. Greg
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