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Okay, so last time I mowed the lawn, I was starting to have trouble w/ my mower. It was backfiring on me when I engaged the mower, but the engine wouldn't shut down. It would backfire and then continue on. Well, this time, every time I engage the mower, the engine quits on me! Please help, I've looked through the manual and I can't find anything on it. Also I have checked to make sure everything is connected and there is nothing around the blades. Thank you so much to whoever gets back to me.:dunno:

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Welcome to MLF.
Have you check the spindles to make sure one has not seized up?
Check belts and idler pulleys as well.
Make sure there isn't a problem with the electric clutch.
Are the spark plugs clean? Replace every 100 hrs or once a year for them is a good rule of thumb.
Fuel filter clean?
Maybe run a little seafoam in your gas.
Could be a fuel flow problem depriving the engine of fuel under load.
These are just some suggested ideas for you to check out.
Let us know what you come up with.
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